dogma&opinion is a digital newsletter published at As part of Housing Unlocked, Type is bringing its monthly pamphlet to life with a ‘live magazine’ featuring four distinct themes regarding design in the built environment.

Topics include:

  • Working Hard / Hardly Working is a series that presents two examples to emphasise the importance of good design and how considered decisions can make our shared spaces better.
  • Future Reference is a time capsule. It covers current developments, debates, and trends in the built environment.
  • Present Tense is a series aimed at uncovering perspectives and opinions from experts in their respective fields on the key issues and opportunities facing Ireland’s built environment.
  • One Good Idea focuses on the simple, concise discussion of a complex spatial issue. In proposing a single but significant change, a starting point for a broader public discourse is imagined.

Just like the online version, talks will run concurrently with participants free to join rotating groups to comment, discuss, and learn more about the issues shaping contemporary Irish housing.

Conversations will take place with:

Michael Byrne (School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, UCD), Rob Curley (architect, Maremoto), and Miriam Fitzpatrick (Urban Design, UCD).

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