The IAF Reimagine Café is a community space for all those involved in placemaking and reimagining their built environment.

Our final Café for the year will be held in the Science Gallery Dublin as part of the Housing Unlocked programme. This café will focus on Town Centre First initiatives, including the IAF’s Hometown Architect open call.

Bring your lunch and join us for a discussion on some of the key policies, projects and initiatives aimed at revitalising towns and villages around Ireland.


Mairéad Hunt (National Co-Ordinator, Town Centre First Office) and Dr Philip Crowe (Co-director, UCD Centre for Irish Towns)


This event is part of the IAF’s Reimagine placemaking programme, which pairs architects with communities to work together on local placemaking projects.

Reimagine is funded by the Arts Council, Department of Rural and Community Development and the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage. The Reimagine programme was developed with funding from the Creative Ireland Programme’s National Creativity Fund. The Irish Architecture Foundation is principally funded by the Arts Council, Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage, Office of Public Works, which enables us to deliver projects like Reimagine.

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