As the Irish Architecture Foundation winds up this phase of the Workers’ Village project, we are hosting an event that explores some of the themes connected to the project which will bring together academics, architects, and community members to think together about the legacy and future story of the Bord na Mona villages.

We have invited guest speakers to share short essays and presentations, adding to the research and explorations undertaken through this project over the last 18 months. Ranging from academics sharing their research to residents speaking about their own experiences, this will be an event that threads together architecture, bogs, culture, climate and community.

These will be 10-minute presentations, which include a proposition of where we need to go next as a project, as communities and possibly as a country. This event will include community members who have been part of this project, and whose experiences and aims are central to this project.

The second half of the event will involve a discussion on some issues highlighted by the communities, such as the nature of local consultation, and the care of industrial heritage as part of a meaningful Just Transition.

This event is part of the Workers’ Villages project, and part of the launch of the Workers’ Villages exhibition. This exhibition is a celebration of the work and legacy of architect Frank Gibney and the contribution of the communities that were created through his innovative Bord na Móna villages.

Workers’ Villages project is funded through Creative Ireland’s Creative Climate Action Fund, aimed at supporting communities at the heart of Ireland’s Just Transition process.

You can find out more about this project and the work of the Reimagine programme at

NOTE: Spaces are limited, so please cancel your ticket if you are unable to attend.

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