Our proposal consists of houses, undeniably the kind of home that people dream of in Ireland. Our proposal feels open and green; this is what people dream of too. Our proposal has densities which make it land efficient. It feels suburban while having urban densities. Our proposal emphasises community. It provides a space that is appealing to live in.

Our proposal refreshes the idea of suburban development, taking elements of the system that work, and incorporating newer ideas about delivery, density, affordability, and place-making.

To be compliant nationally, there would need to be a small change of policy. The homes we propose here comply with all relevant building and planning regulations with one important exception: private outdoor space (gardens) would be slightly reduced, by approximately 20%, depending on the local authority.

How Home4Community works: collaborating with FastHouse (timber frame manufacturers) we developed a kit of parts that responds to flexibility, while being efficient to construct in their factory. All house types eliminate overlooking issues, and interlock back-to-back and side-to-side. New densities are created through careful design. This kind of density allows us to rethink the public open space between the houses, providing protected, friendly, and usable communal gardens.


Home4Community would yield 60 units per hectare.

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