Inspired by the idea that there could one day be a Citizens’ Assembly on Housing in Ireland, we invite you to a one-afternoon workshop to help answer the questions: “What do we have in common on housing?” and “How can housing contribute to our common good?”

We believe that everyone has a valuable perspective on housing but not everyone has been asked to share it. We are looking for people who are willing to be open about their own experiences and expectations of housing. Which issues, ideas and actions matter to you? Does housing bring us together or divide us? Come along, bring your ideas and make your voice heard!

Together, we will:
– Share our housing concerns and listen to others
– Agree some shared housing priorities
– Generate loads of positive housing policy ideas

This structured workshop will take place 2-5pm.

It will be co-facilitated by Stephen Musiol (Sean Harrington Architects) and Rosie Lynch (Workhouse Union).

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