Housing – A Timeless Challenge: Talking Housing Futures

Housing provision is a conversation that has transcended time, generations, and governments. A series of 3 panel discussions will debate and examine housing through the lens of architectural history and social evolution from the 20th to the 21st Century. What have we learned from the successes and failures of the past and how do we comprehend the challenge today?


Paul Leech (Gaia Associates), Dr Rory Hearne (Lecturer in Social Policy, Maynooth University), Clare Lyster (Principal of CLUAA and Professor at the Chicago School of Architecture), and Gary Lysaght (Director at FKL architects).

Paul Leech acts as a consultant with www.gaia-ecotecture.eu and in activism. He does not believe that we are collectively doing anything like enough but trusts that our democratic society will come to practical insight and action plans before it is catastrophically too late. His ultimate concern is to bring spirit, insight, experience, and hopefully some intelligence and humour to bear in the indomitable hope that humankind can still, just about, ‘turn this around’ in time – making the big step-changes in a chain-reaction of hope and resurgence, a progression of transformation.

Dr Rory Hearne is a Lecturer in Social Policy in the Department of Applied Social Studies, Maynooth University. He teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate levels on housing, rights and inequality; civic engagement and civil society; the changing nature of the welfare state; and climate, social policy and inequality. He has researched and published in the academic and policy fields of housing and social housing, spatial disadvantage, housing rights, economic inequality, neoliberalism and the welfare state, social justice, and social movements. His recent books include Housing Shock: The Irish Housing Crisis and How to Solve It (Policy Press, 2020) and Gaffs: Why no one can get a house… and what we can do about it (Harper Collins Ireland, 2022).

Clare Lyster is an Irish born architect based in Chicago. She is principal of CLUAA, a design-based research practice at the intersection of architecture, landscape and infrastructure and Professor of Architecture at UIC School of Architecture. She is also a member of ANNEX, an interdisciplinary arts collaboration in Dublin that curated Entanglement, the Irish Pavilion at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2021.

Gary Lysaght is a director of FKL architects, a studio based commercial practice primarily involved with housing projects.


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