Delivering housing in an affordable, sustainable way that enhances our cities, towns, villages, and communities is a complex task. Housing Unlocked challenges you to question the housing status quo and propose new ways of doing things to make our communities happier, healthier places to live. Teams may wish to consider issues such as…


The question of density is central to considerations like affordability, sustainability, adaptability, and family-oriented design in our urban spaces. Developing at higher densities makes the best use of space and helps us to build more sustainably.

How do we improve the affordability of higher-density homes across all tenures, and make this an attractive option for lifelong living for all communities?


Low Carbon Transition

Addressing climate change will be a critical component for refurbishment and future housing delivery. How should we meet our environmental goals whilst providing sustainable communities? This is the ambition of the New European Bauhaus initiative that is anticipated to lead to ‘an explosion of creativity across our Union’ (Ursula Von der Leyen). Some interesting and inspiring ideas can be found on the New European Bauhaus website.


Universal Design

We are living longer, healthier lives – how can our housing stock reflect this?

Can we provide more options for those wishing to downsize, while remaining part of their communities? How can we provide suitable housing that is flexible and accessible for all?



Can we improve access to suitable housing for people who have experienced homelessness? How do we integrate our communities in a sustainable way and avoid marginalisation? How do we ensure we design places that promote and enable the values of equality, inclusion and equity?


Vacancy and Urban Regeneration

High vacancy rates are detrimental to the wellbeing of our towns. This is especially frustrating when viewed in the context of our housing needs. How can we encourage effective and creative use of vacant space to provide homes and deliver sustainable communities? Can we learn from examples where this is the case in other countries?



The cost of land and speculative nature of housing leads to affordability issues. Regeneration is expensive, but sustainable, how do we support these forms of development?


Alternative Housing Models

What other lessons can we learn from models of housing elsewhere? Perhaps we can look at long-established community-led housing sectors, turn to alternative thinking on tenure or incorporate a new material or technology into construction? What ideas and innovations have we missed when it comes to housing?


Over to you

These challenges represent a non-exhaustive list of themes and questions that might be explored. We hope and anticipate that many more will emerge in the submissions.




The Housing Agency has completed a large body of research on housing issues:

Appendix 1 provides links to a selection of Housing Agency publications.

Appendix 2 includes links to relevant government policy and standards relating to housing.